DJ Jazzy Jeff Ft. The Fresh Prince - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson [Official Video HD]

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DJ Jazzy Jeff Ft. The Fresh Prince - I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson (1080p)
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And in This Corner... is the third studio album released by MC/DJ duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. The album was released in April 1989, reaching #39 on the US Billboard 200 albums chart. The album was not released on Compact Disc in the UK. However, it was available on this format in most of Europe.
"I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson" is the first single taken from DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince's third studio album, And in This Corner.... The song was released a single in early 1989. This is the duo's first single to be available on Compact Disc format.
After watching several tapes of the unbeaten, and seemingly invincible heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, Fresh Prince (Will Smith) gets the strange idea that he has managed to find a way to defeat the champ, and manages to convince Don King to arrange a match in two months and DJ Jazzy Jeff to train him. No one gives Fresh Prince any chance -- reporters covering his camp are booing (compounded by Fresh Prince's unrealistic brags, such as performing 4 million situps in a minute and throwing a Volkswagen half a city block), his barber thinks he can beat him, but only if he used a baseball bat (and asks if he can have his shoes once Tyson kills him), and Fresh Prince even hears his own grandmother bet $1,000 against him. As predicted, the fight doesn't go well, and Fresh Prince manages to avoid being punched for a second, only to get hit in the body (at which point, he says to be discreet, "let's just say that my bowels released"). He stumbles back to his corner, who insist he continue fighting, so he hits DJ Jazzy Jeff and the fight ends. At the end of the video, DJ Jazzy Jeff thinks that, by watching both the Tyson tapes and Fresh Prince in training, that now he could beat Tyson, only to have Fresh Prince say "no one can beat him" and abruptly end the song. Interspersed in the song is a conversation between two older men, Leroy and another unnamed man. The unnamed man claims to have attended a Tyson fight and saw Tyson's opponent's head fly "into the 18th row" while Leroy thinks Tyson is a football player from Montreal (in an extended version of the song, Leroy replies that the other man hadn't been "off the block in 18 years"). Three guest stars appear in the accompanying music video. Mike Tyson himself shows up as The Fresh Prince's opponent. Don King also appears in the video, and Alfonso Ribeiro (future co-star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) appears as a member of the fighting crew's posse.

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